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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eredivisie - Ajax vs PSV

Last Sunday Ajax defeated PSV 2-0, and it was indeed a crucial victory for the title race as the rival team Twente also dropped points. Aissati's great goal (whether he intended or not) and Siem de Jong's calm penalty kick led to the victory.

from english.ajax.nl

Ajax's starting line-up seemed defensive at first sight. Anita and Enoh were both starting members. Janssen missed this game as he received a yellow card in the last match, so perhaps Eriksen was the only one who could make a difference in midfield and in front of goal. The team maintained fast and tight pressure all around the pitch. 

Like in recent matches, Anita often dropped down in the defense line when in ball possession. This gave Vertonghen more space and time to progress up front so he was able to give mid- to long-range passes to attackers. By doing this, Vertonghen complemented Janssen's absence. But all this would not be possible without hardworking Anita. Anita has been in impressive form these days.

Van Rijn also showed good performance. His one-on-one defense against Mertens was perfect, and he made good overlap runs many times. I had been thinking of him as a down-to-earth kind of player excellent at marking an opponent, but this time he showed good dribbling and passing technique near PSV's goal. He is developing rapidly.

After the victory at Old Trafford against Manchester United, Ajax gained confidence and have played excellently. Seven matches remaining in the Eredivisie 2011-2012. They are coming closer to the top.


  1. I didn't know you were updating this blog so frequently.
    I may come sometimes.

    1. I appreciate your comment. Basically, I will update this blog every time Ajax have a football game. After the season ends I will focus on transfer news, so new blog posts will be less frequent. As you can see in my previous articles I sometimes write a kind of editorial when I have time. So keep checking my blog.