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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eredivisie - Excelsior vs Ajax: Two Great Couples in Ajax

At the away match against Excelsior Ajax won 1-4. I didn't watch the game because I had something to do, so I just watched the highlight of the game instead. This victory is a natural result because it's obvious that there is a huge difference in the quality of players between the two teams. It is a good news that Ozbiliz has been in good form recently. I think the pace of his development is incredibly fast, and I also believe that he can be in good competition with Boerigter when he returns to action. Here's the highlight of the match.

(sorry somehow can't add a youtube movie on this article, so click on the link below, it will direct you to the highlight of the game uploaded by EredivisieLive on youtube)

Today I want to focus on four Ajax players. Sulejmani, Lodeiro, Eriksen and Siem de Jong. These young midfielders and attackers have been playing for the first squad of Ajax at least since 2010. Siem de Jong joined the first team in 2007, and Sulejmani was transferred to Ajax in 2008. Lodeiro and Eriksen made their first Eredivisie appearance in January 2010.

Lodeiro and Sulejmani are both very skillful players. They both have good technique and can do what other ordinary players cannot easily do with their creative ideas. When Lodeiro plays at center forward, they show a good combination. They have made many chances for Ajax with their one-two pass.

Take a look at the first goal in the last match. This goal was a result of a good cross from Van Rijn and a calm finish by Ozbiliz, but the cross from Van Rijn was possible because of the good work by Lodeiro and Sulejmani. Suleimani's back-heal and Lodeiro's through pass were both excellent. I remember their combination led to an own-goal by the opponent in the Eredivisie match against AZ (1-1). The highlight above is just 6-7 minutes long, but you can see many good combinations between the two.

Another good couple in the team is Eriksen and Siem de Jong. Yes, Eriksen can be a good couple with anybody because of his incredible passing skills, but in the last match the two goals by Siem de Jong were both from Eriksen's assist. The third goal by Ajax was an typical example of how Ajax scored goals this season. Eriksen's lobbed through pass is the basis of Ajax goals. Remember the opening goal by Siem de Jong in the KNBV Baker match against AZ (2-3). It was also from Eriksen's lobbed through pass. Furthermore, it seems that Eriksen has recently increased the accuracy of place kicks. That's why De Jong was able to score two goals.


From this match on Ajax are going to face medium/low quality teams (Sorry if you are a fan of one of these teams!). In the first half of the season Ajax defeated Roda and ADO with four goals in each game. Ajax also defeated RKC 1-0. So I hope Ajax will make consecutive wins and beat PSV at Amsterdam ArenA on March 25! If everything goes well, Ajax can be the table toppers by the end of March and I think (from an objective point of view) it is by no means unrealistic.

Eresivisie Stangings (23 games):
1. PSV 48 pts (Next match: Twente (3rd))
2. AZ 46pts (Next match: Heracles (10th))
3. Twente 45 pts* (Next match: PSV (1st))
4. Heerenveen 44 pts (Next match: ADO (15th))
5. Ajax 43 pts (Next match: Roda (9th))
6. Feyenoord 41 pts (Next match: Grooningen (8th))

*Twente played only 22 games.
*There's a 9 points difference between Feyenoord and Vittesse (sitting 7th)

Detailed and easy-to-read standings at Goal.com

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